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    Company Vision

    EL PONT Moral

    Honesty: Honesty is the foundation, depending on the credibility of life
    Equality: both large and small customers, employees regardless of position, should be equal treatment
    Reason: operating a rational, decision sciences, management norms, competition, fair



    EL PONT Image

    Person's image: a humble confidence, studious diligence, integrity and dedication.
    The image of objects: fine, orderly, and science and technology.
    The image of things: it must be enforced vigorously, fine sound, the system specification.



    EL PONT Mission —— Social responsibility, corporate responsibility with family responsibilities


    EL PONT Aims ——To create the industry well-known brands of international outstanding achievements in business


    EL PONT Values ——Character before the product is superior to competing competition, the development of higher fortune, position, as derived from.


    EL PONT Professionalism ——Dedicated, proficient professional; exercise self-discipline and forge ahead; cherish honor, unity and cooperation


    EL PONT Strategy ——Development strategy brand strategy business strategy of the international strategic human resources strategy


    Address:Wuxi city, Jiangsu province Qianqiao matching Albert Park Weiye Road on the 8th


    E-mail:elpont@elpont.net sales@elpont.net